Make sure the research you want to conduct takes cognisance of the following points;

It is something that interests you?

Research can be challenging and you will need a strong interest and desire to find out about the subject you have chosen. So make sure you can sustain this interest over the period of the study.

Will it make a difference?

Define the impact you hope to see. A change in practice may have the impact of improving assessment for example. Be clear about what this impact might be.

Define the breadth. Who might be involved?

Be careful not to start something you cannot finish. Clearly define what the timescales will be and who might be involved. Be clear about what the end will look like. Make it achievable.

Define what is most important to you and your learners.

There may be many things you wish to change or learn more about. Download the exercise activity ‘Where do I start’ to help you to define your research study.