Once your research paper is completed you need to reflect the impact your research has had on your own practice and on your learners. 

This may not be evident straight away and you may need to revisit this at a later date. Some impacts cannot be measured in sufficient time to be included in your research paper. 

However, if this is the case it is still useful to include a hypothesis based on your findings of what you predict the impact may be.

The videos are from learners and teacher who have been involved in action learning research and talk about the impacts the research has directly had on their learning and on their working practice.

Self reflection

It is also essential for the author of the research to reflect upon the impacts the research process on their own professional development.

It is often useful to include this self reflection in the research paper to share with readers the benefits of undertaking such studies.

It is also useful for the teacher to reflect on their personal growth in their role and the development of their knowledge and working practice.