A common, and costly, mistake is to leap in and begin working without designing what it is you will do and planning how to carry it out.

Your first step is to undertake a literature review to investigate previous thinking around your subject. Start by typing your research question, or the key elements of it, into a search engine.  This will, in many cases,  point you to previous work in this area. Download the information below to guide you.

You will need to think about the following;

What is the purpose of your study? Write a short paragraph about what will be researched and why.

What is the scope of your study? Number of people, the type of evidence and research methods?

What do you want to find out? Be specific so that you will know when you have finished

Who exactly will you involve?  This may be for interviews, observations, surveys etc…

Plan a time line. Produce a Gantt chart of outcomes and when these are expected