It is important to validate with evidence the research you are undertaking. There will a number of methods for collecting this evidence that you could choose from in order to do this.

For example;

You may wish to use Interviews, create a survey, hold a focus group, conduct observations, start an online discussion, collect photographs or videos, collect and compare documents.

Start by clarifying what it is that you want to find out and then choose the most appropriate method. When writing questions for interviews or surveys think about the answer you want first –this will help you construct you question. Also think about how you will analyse answers. For example it is difficult to analyse open ended questions as each respondent may say something different. If respondents are given choices to choose from it is easy to analyse which is most or least popular.

Think about using a free online survey tool – This will give you a choice of question structures and will analyse the data for you.

Test your questions out with a critical friend before sending –this will help ensure a respondents understanding and ease of answering. Do not create lengthy surveys as respondents are less likely to want to complete these.

Check that the evidence you are collecting supports the answer to your original research question?

How will you analyse and present your findings?

Will you use a data table, case studies, observation outcomes, user survey responses? Make sure you make clear judgements based on the data you have collected. Do not just describe the outcome i.e. 80% of respondents said they liked to use the assessment form. Make a judgement based on the evidence and explain why this is. Your interpretation of the evidence is critical.

Use the form below to help your thinking and planning.